About Joyce M. Slavin

Joyce holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management. At this present moment she is a Cybersecurity graduate student at DePaul University. Her hard work ethic gave her an invitation to the DePaul honor society. She was unanimously voted​ by international students to be an International Student Advisor during her undergraduate education. As a result, her constant interactions with people from all over the globe helped mold her into the open-minded individual that she is today.

Someday she hopes to establish an international boarding school system for orphans. She wants them to have the education needed to help close the economic disparities between children who grew up with parents and those who grew up without.

Her enthusiasm for helping others will help her go far in life. She will use her successes to contribute to poverty alleviation for orphans and foster children. She hopes to be a great role model and inspire foster children to pursue STEM careers. With only 3% of thousands of foster children finishing college, Joyce is determined to use her skills to beat this statistic and make things happen.